Castle of Gaure

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Our vineyard

From 2005, our wineyard are in ORGANIC agriculture. That kind of production lead to reduce strong the number of hl/ha from 60 to 15 or 25hl/ha depending to the balance achieve for the wine. Our vines are situated in two regions with real different TERROIR. From the beguinning in 2005 we put the vines in « conversion », 3 years period of change from chemistry to Organic, from 2008 the wineyard are certified organic AB. The Cattle Château de GAURE is situated in the appellation LIMOUX with a real typicality of white wine, so for the red wine we bought an estate in Roussillon where the terroir is really dedicated to red wine.

Our Terroir in LIMOUX

The Château de GAURE is an historical place on the hill in between Carcassonne and Limoux, with 200ha of forest the ecological diversity is great. From the Aude plain to the 300m hight hills the ground goes from clay to pebble on the top of the hill ; that big diversity of soil give the ritchness of our wine. The LIMOUX region is today reconize for the quality of his Chardonnay ; that Bourgondy grappe find in Limoux the soil and frechness of the climate to achieve great wine. Indeed, the balance of the wine and specialy the exceptionnel frechness are dedicated to a climate many more frech than the other part of the Languedoc ; the big amplitude in between night and day give the delicassy of our wine.

Chardonnay de Gaure

Chardonnay, 10ha of Chardonnay, Age of vines, over 40years ; most of the vines are on hill around 300m hight. Harvest are manuel and usely late to get the maximum of fruit.

Chenin, Our two ha of Chenin are on hillon the border of the river Aude ; that bring frechness. That poverty of soil low down the number hl/ha to 20 and gives strong concentration of fruit. The proximity of the river Aude make possible some late harvest to achieve MOELLEUX WINE.

Chenin de Gaure
Mauzac de Gaure

Mauzac, That ignored grappe was the base of the traditional Blanquette de Limoux. We have 1 ha of old Mauzac( over 40years) who bring a real typicity to our white wine.

Pinot noir, the futur of Gaure goes through new vines, from 2017 we planned to plant over 10h Chardonnay, Chenin and Pinot noir ; the frechness of Limoux will give us grappe of Pinot in the quality of the best Burgondy terroir.

Pinot noir de Gaure

OUR Roussillon ESTATE

One year later the investment of Gaure in 2005, we decided in 2006 to buy a second estate to find a real « terroir of red » wine. Roussillon and specialy the Aggly valley showed us an impressive soil of schist, giving big red fruit and minerality to the wine . Notaly giving red raspberry, cassis and blackberry ; On the village Sur les LATOUR DE France, then TAUTAVEL and recently Maury sur très the soil are « only » stone and very poor. That so big variety of terroirs with the native grappes give amaizing complexity to our wine.

Cépage Carignan de Gaure

Le cépage CARIGNAN One of the old grappes in Languedoc. Near 10ha of vines over hundred years bring us finesse and something unique.

La Syrah du Roussillon will give a good balance in between power and fineness ; specialy on Tautavel soil where his acidity will give great concentration . More hight in l’Aggly valley the «  Syrah de schiste » are more delicate.

Syrah du Roussillon de Gaure
Grenache de Gaure

Grenache that grape is THE GRAPE for Maury very typical wine ; our vines on the south part of Maury in the village Lesquerde will give delicate fruit and flowers aromas ; the expression will be more cherries on Latour de France.

Mourvèdre marvellous grape who give his best expression near the see, from our Mouvèdre on the top of Latour de France, 300 m hight, we can have a nice view on the sea and it takes spicy in the complexity of Pour mon père..

Mourvèdre de Gaure