Castle of Gaure

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From 2005, FABRE familly enterred the story of Château de GAURE castle. In Fabre family we are winemaker from father to sun five generations long. The roots fixed in LANGUEDOC, Aimé, Marcel, Albin, René, Pierre and may be later Arnaud or Matisse made or will make their life . After 20years in the industry Pierre Fabre had the wish to make wine, writing a page in GAURE story.

Gaure a long story

Gaure castle is surrounded by hill, one was named LAGASTE and it was a famous ROMAN place. More later in the first century, the Roman villa GAURE was builted.

WINE in GAURE story,

Oppidum de Gaure

un OPPIDUM, name for a roman camp, that « camp dal Ker » was one of the important place of the region. In memory of that roman place we called our premium white wine :OPPIDUM, Our Oppidum is now on the very nice table of the world.

Le Château de Gaure

The castle, builted from the first century, was really develop in the 18 and 19e century with more than 3000 square meter covered. Today we gave « Château » to the main cuvé of Gaure wine :

La Chapelle du Château de Gaure

The church, Pierre Fabre gave special expression to his labels ; the church of Gaure was decorated in 2006 with various artwork from Pierre. The gardens are big and nice with various statues.

Gaure an unique place

Gaure Story is mainly the place for man and woman who builted the beauty and uniqueness ; today part of that story, the wine are integrated in the long story.

Domaine de Gaure

2005, We bought Gaure, falling in love without thinking the way to restaure and to built the future of the place. Probably the fascination of the place hided the means needed to achieve our goals. Some hundred square meter of roof, big investment in the cellar et we was in the adventure of the winemaker, from the beguinning some consultant gave us the bases of strategy.  The objective is to be part of the great wine of LANGUEDOC within 10years. To achieve that goal, we stopped the chemistry to go for an organic producion, then to Biodynamie. Pierre Fabre trained as an engineer, artist for passion became winemaker.